I don’t remember if I mentioned but I moved a few months ago. Last weekend I went back to my parents and brought some boxes to my apartment, including that top brown box which has everything from my first trip to France. The bottom clear one filled with books is from my second trip, the semester abroad, and the middle box is a mixture of traveling around Europe during my semester, last April’s trip, and this January’s trip.

Eventually I’ll have to look through all of them but it makes me happy to have everything reunited.


theuglyroyals asked:

What do you miss most about France?


My first response was to write something I said to my boyfriend as we were walking around one night, that I had missed the green plus signs of the pharmacies.

Because it’s the little things like the green plus signs, the bakeries, the horribly terrifying driving and even more horribly terrifying close parking, the inability to understand most of what I hear and see but being so caught up in everything and so excited when I do comprehend a passing sentence, that I miss the most.

When I’m in France I feel challenged to be a better person, to be the person I want to be.


thisisellies asked:

Get Bioderma! Just the regular one in the clear bottle with pink writing. It's seriously for removing makeup/cleaning your skin and it's so lovely and easy to use! It's such a simple and gentle skin care product you can tell it's made by the French. Also try the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo to help with acne if you have it and I've heard their moisturizer is great too


The Bioderma seems to be the #1 thing people want, which I’m enticed by though I do like my waterproof mascara (because I’m a crier). For the moment I use a Lush cleanser but I am so picking up a bottle. And I’ve a list of things for my sister who has less calm and more exciting skin than I do.

Also, because Tumblr failed to give me any notifications of responses or messages, the other responses were:

mind-thegap a dit :

I’m french and i can tell you la Roche Posay is one the best brand. Their cream (for acne for Example) are awesome. Bioderma is good too particulary their cleanser

manoir-manantie a dit :

Sanoflore products. Eau micellaire ou eau florale depending your skin type and then crème des saisons or a morte spécific one. They also have sérum. And for all skin irritation miel merveilleux. That´s my list. For me and my teen-agers.

That one I haven’t heard yet, I must do more research on it!

emclouzet a reblogué ce billet depuis jesuisamericaine et a ajouté :

Buy products by La Roche Posay, they’re the BEST products ever, very natural and so damn effective on the long run! Plus they have small and big sized products so it’s up to you to buy your stuff for a whole year or just to try! 

I am currently thoroughly enjoying this blog: two Australians restoring a French chateau. You can also read this article to get more background than the blog provides.

Last summer, for the first time in decades, I turned off a French country road into an allée of tall trees that led to an old brick farmhouse where I spent some of the most joyous moments of my childhood. The farm was in the province of Nièvre, two hours south of Paris, and the family that had lived there years ago had raised Charolais cattle. They had five children; but in the summer of 1979, when I was 12, and again in 1981, they folded me into their household as if I were an honorary sixth. The kids closest to my age, Virginie, Éric and Benoît, treated me like a sister, not like a tourist from Indiana, where I came from. Together we gathered eggs, rode on Mobylettes to the village candy store, set the table when the curé came to lunch, watched the French version of “The Avengers,” and squabbled over who got to ride shotgun on car trips.